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Halldóra rut
Reykjavík, Iceland

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Reykjavik Craft Beers, Iceland Tapas and The Inside Scoop!

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16 mars 2017
Amazing experience! We shared all together some beers and icelandic "tapas", so that we could have a sample of almost everything!! Really good idea if you want to have a chat with locals, in a relax atmosphere
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16 mars 2017
If you like beers so you could not find a better place!! We tasted 6 different type of beers, and eat some sample of food, that was delicious.
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16 mars 2017
Halldora est adorable, et ses amis aussi!! C'était vraiment cool d'être avec des Islandais, et de partager un apéro avec eux! C'est comme ci on était aller chez des amis pour boire un verre, c'était vraiment top!
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14 mars 2017
The food experience was amazing! Food and drinks were great. The host was just super friendly and helpful. Next time in Iceland for sure I will contact her again.
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