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Promenade culinaire
FOOD TOUR -A Journey Through Athenian Food Culture

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19 août 2017
Une matinée découverte culinaire super sympa et intéressante. Kelly est très alaise et connaît très bien son domaine. Je m'attendais à recevoir les pâtisseries et spécialités grecs gratuitement (comprise dans le prix) Mais ce n'était pas le cas, un peu déçu à ce niveau là. Sinon c'etait très chouette.
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5 août 2017
We had a great moment with Kelly who made us discover several tipycal and amazing hidden places with delicious food and products. The day after we went back to a restaurant she advised us and had a real greek lunch , thanks to her to share her best adresses ! Kelly is generous and really a nice person, we highly recommand this food Journey with her , a delicious greek immersion !
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22 mai 2017
What a great experience! It was the first time for us in Athens, and we actually didn't know nothing about the culture, the food etc... Thanks to the beautiful Kelly we learn a lot about Greece! Indeed, we taste many different flavors, we discovered the city center and its market, and we it was amazing. I highly recommend this experience!
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22 mai 2017
Kelly is sooo nice, we had such a great time together! It was nice to share some time with a local, that does market tour because she just loves to share with others, she really transmit us her passion. I'm glad of this experience
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22 mai 2017
Great food, nice walk, amazing talks! Amazing food tour.
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5 mai 2017
Kelly is a terrific guide. In her charmful and knowledgeable way she exposed us to highly recommended local foody places – the opposite polar of the tourist traps we would have found without her – and connected restaurants, bakeries and food-shops to the culture and history of Greece and Athens. From my experience, it is the best way to start a visit in Athens.
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11 mars 2017
I took Kelly's food tour around Athens and loved the experience . She is knowledgeable about food and Athens history too . This is an ideal way to orientate yourself at the beginning of a trip to Athens , and to locate the best local and traditional food shops . If you are renting an apartment your fridge will be full of only the best after this tour . You can buy as much or as little as you want in each shop , and she will guide you to foods you are interested in and the stories attaching to each product . This tour would be especially good for families as Kelly brings visitors to places you would never find on your own without getting lost ! Thanks Kelly for a great tour !
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