Rencontrez Mariana & veronica

We believe that to experience Portugal to the fullest you have to immerse yourself in a mélange of sensations, aromas and guilty pleasures, and share them with local people with the same passion. This would be us, Veronica and Mariana. We would love to show you an authentic oenogastronomic experiences to all those people that would like to know Portugal differently, no matter if you are a foodie, a true gourmand or a wine enthusiast, We believe that once you taste the flavors of the Portuguese cuisine and some of the unusual flavors of our gastronomy you will fall in love with it.

Repas de Mariana & veronica



Veronica took us on a very pleasant tour of the old Lisbon neighborhood much quieter than the part that most tourists visit. Then we had a very tasty lunch in a nice friendly tavern mostly frequented by locals. That was really a pleasant experience

Mariana and Veronica did a real effort to show us the real Portugal. The walked us through amazing places and really nice typical food, always telling us more about their culture. We loved it!

The tour that Mariana and Veronica had prepared was very complete, full of portuguese culture and food, we discovered the city in a special way.

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