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Be happy, be foodie, be local! Our philosophy? Slow food - slow life. Our mission is to change the view of what tourism represents for Barcelona. Today’s tourist is not a simple consumer, but more an individual person who wants to live an authentic moment in a different culture. What we offer is both cultural and gastronomic hands-on cooking experience and Boqueria market tour, which means guests are offered so much more than a typical eating experience. We cook with local products, most of them organic, giving our support to other projects throughout Barcelona, using life-giving sea water in our recipes an old Mediterranean tradition (not directly by the sea, of course, a registered one), promoting health in traditional cooking techniques, recycling waste and ultimately, giving you a delicious insight into the richness of what is on our doorstep. The message is clear: enjoy the moment, with sustainable consciousness, treat the city lovingly as it fit were your home and discover something about Spanish cooking you may never have known. We greatly appreciate your interest and curiosity to experience a different side of Barcelona with us. Hope to see you all soon!
Catalan, English, Spanish

Best Spanish Cooking Class & Market Tour!

Cours de cuisine
Catalan, English, Spanish
De 1 à 15
17:00 - 21:00
Végétarienne, Bio, Pas d'alcool, Sans gluten

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28 oct. 2017
Our cooking class with “Foodie Experience” was exactly what we were hoping for! We loved the tour of the Boqueria Market, and the dishes we learned to cook were all great traditional staples that we encountered over and over during our time in Spain. You’ll learn recipes that are challenging but still easily replicated back home, and you’ll feel a lot more in-tune with Spanish cuisine! This is an excellent way to start off any visit to Barcelona—you’ll feel more like a local, and you’ll have met some excellent new friends. Our hosts Carmen and Angel could not have been more kind or gracious. We definitely recommend this class.
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25 oct. 2017
The meal was amazing. The class was amazing! Highly recommend!
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3 oct. 2017
Thank you Carmen and Angel for a most wonderful evening. It was the perfect combination of fun, information and deliciousness!
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7 sept. 2017
It was an amazing cooking event with amazing people. Angel and Carmen are simply wonderful. I am impressed how much information we got about the food, the market and so many other things. The location is perfect!!!!! It's located in the heart of the city center with huge kitchen. I enjoyed every single minute and will defenetly come back to Foodie Experience. Highly recommended!!!!!!!! Don't miss the chance to meet Carmen & Angel.
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6 sept. 2017
Great experience! Loved the market and the cooking and the food. The hosts were superb!
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23 août 2017
We really enjoyed the cooking class. The market tour was wonderful and Angels was an amazing host. She was so personable and relatable and really spent as much time as we wanted answering any questions we had. Would definitely recommend!
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27 juil. 2017
We loved our night with Angels! It was an authentic experience and the food was delicious. Her knowledge of food and Barcelona's food history was excellent! We would highly recommend this experience! Such a great way to meet locals and other travellers, while sharing a beautiful meal!
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14 juil. 2017
A great evening in Barcelona with a perfect hostess! We were 3 generations: grand mother, mother and 12 year old son who went to this marked and cooking evening. You meet other people during class, learn a lot about the Spanish kitchen in a marvelous atmosphere. Angels, the hostess makes a fantastic atmosphere with her personality and knowledge! The location close to the Rambla is perfect and the kitchen is in a charming renovated apartment. We saw one of the most impressive markets I have ever seen. Now we will cook some of the dishes here back in Denmark. Thank you for a wonderful experience- I can highly recommend!
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9 juil. 2017
Great hosts. Great food. Highly recommend.
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9 juil. 2017
Our expirience was amazing. We will be back!! thank you
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18 juin 2017
We had already been to the market, but Angeles enthusiastic guided tour brought it to life! The hands-on class was very well organized and fun. I have a culinary degree but still learned a lot and felt that this experience was an excellent value. The food was delicious and very plentiful, ditto the authentic Sangria and wine.
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6 juin 2017
Excellente soirée. J'ai beaucoup aimé participer à l'élaboration du repas. Succulent. Je compte bien refaire ces recettes. Merci Camille!
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2 juin 2017
Une soirée mémorable. Notre gentille et professionnelle hôtesse-chef nous a fait visiter le marché Boqueria expliquant différents produits locaux, et ensuite nous a fait participer à la préparation d'un souper catalan extraordinaire, qu'on a dégusté, dans un atmosphère des plus conviviaux, dans une belle grande cuisine. Merci Angels.
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23 mai 2017
Angels was the perfect host and she is the sole reason that this cooking class is superior to any other we've tried while traveling in Europe! The tour of the Bouqueria was personal and complete. Every merchant knew her! We prepared dinner in her kitchen, not some corporate cooking school: sangria, tortilla, tomato bread, paella mixta and Catalan Cream. It was all marvelous. We drank, laughed, cooked and dined for nearly 5 wonderful hours. I highly recommend this cooking/dining experience! It really gives you a taste of what good Catalan cuisine is all about!
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12 mai 2017
This was such a great experience. Angel was an amazing person.......an excellent communicator, so warm and personable and she made everyone in the group feel welcome. We started at 5pm with a tour of the markets which was fascinating. Angel's broad knowledge of food and the local region was evident. The kitchen and cooking facilities where the class was held were of a very high standard and professionally equiped. The food preparation and meal itself were excellent. There was plenty of delicious food and wine to enjoy. We are looking forward to trying out the recipes when we return to Australia. I could not recommend this cooking class highly enough. You may find cheaper options available but this cooking class experience of over 4 hours did not disappoint. We had an authentic cultural experience, a first class meal and very memorable evening. Highly recommended!
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4 mai 2017
An authentic, fun, delicious experience you can't miss! If you want a taste of Spain and its beautiful people, do it! Don't esitate!
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2 mai 2017
It was a wonderful class. We enjoyed Angelis very much. She is knowledgable, fun, and made cooking this meal a great experience. We will use the recipes at home, for sure. Highly recommend!
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1 mai 2017
The market tour was fun, especially outstanding if you haven't been before (I have). Hands on prep. The biggest drawback is that each person gets part of a dish, so you don't learn them all. Also, if you are doing a large project (chopping vegetables for the paella), you miss part or all of the cooking demonstration for the tortilla and the Catalan cream. The food and wine are delicious when done, as she does most of the cooking of the actual food. Lots of fun, though and very good with the history of the food and region. I personally prefer to do more actual cooking but would recommend this for almost anyone interested in learning how to prepare some Catalan dishes to try and cook later at home.
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20 avr. 2017
We had a fantastic time as we were guided through the food market. Angeles was a great host and teacher. She is from the area and was very knowledgeable about the local dishes, preparation and cooking. We enjoyed the cooking, socializing and eating of the paella and sangria! It's one of the highlights of our trip! Diane and John
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11 avr. 2017
Our cooking class with vizeat was fantastic. Loved everything from food to instructor to atmosphere to everything. Thank you very much
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Anne ward
3 avr. 2017
The market tour and cooking class was absolutely fabulous! It gave us a truly unique and authentic local experience. We also took away some important cooking tips! The food was amazing and our hostess was so gracious. This was our favorite experience of our whole vacation! Highly recommend!
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25 mars 2017
A great way to get a sense of how "real" folks live in Barcelona. An excellent experience in a well planned instructional and dining space. The market tour was extremely interesting and the recipes will be used...as soon as we get the recipes. Class size of 8 gave us each a chance to participate/cook as well.
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23 mars 2017
Oui l'expérience était super, franchement à recommander! Et Angels (une des 2 soeurs qui assure le cours de cuisine) parle français donc le top! On a fait ensemble une courte visite d'environ 1h à la Boqueria St Josep pour ensuite retourner chez elle et préparer sangria, tortilla, pains tomate espagnols, paella, et crème catalane... Un délice! Et les explications au top aussi. Elles t'envoient meme les recettes effectuees par mail
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13 févr. 2017
5 stars! My husband and I LOVED the class and the people! We learned a lot about local foods and cooking. The recipes were easily followed and the food delicious! Angeles and Carmen were top notch. We had a communication problem regarding meeting location due to coming from the US and having limited email service when we arrived. We found everyone and all was well. This was one of the top highlights of our trip to Barcelona. BRAVO!!!
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7 févr. 2017
We had amazing time! We learned how to make some very nice Tapas,(tomato bread was our favorite), paella and beautiful desert. And Sangria ofcource! Nice way to have first night meal in Barcelona. Gracias, thank you, kiitos!
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14 janv. 2017
My husband and I had an amazing time. The foodie sisters are friendly, knowledgeable and make you feel like you are right at home in their kitchen. Great experience. I would strongly recommend booking this experience!
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6 janv. 2017
What a fantastic experience! I gave this as an xmas present for my husband. He absolutely loved it! Angeles is a fantastic chef. Both sisters are fantastic hosts, truly putting value into the social experience as much as the food experience. We highly recommend the Foodie Sisters. Its a fun and delicious learning experience!
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1 janv. 2017
Extraordinario evento! La visita al mercado con una persona local y con tanta experiencia culinaria es maravillosa. Su pasión por los ingredientes y por la comida catalana fue contagiosa! La cocina en grupo fue mucho más que una clase de cocina. Nos divertimos y llevamos aprendizaje para el futuro, compartimos con un grupo diverso de visitantes, además de hacer una de las mejores cenas de nuestra estancia en Barcelona. Este evento es para todos los grupos de edad e intereses culinarios. Nadie se lo debe perder.
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30 déc. 2016
The walk in the Boqueiria market was just amazing! Angels makes us discover local flavours... she always has some interesting facts about spanish culinary history. Our cookmate for the evening where also very cool, we had a wonderfull time all together. The cooking class was funny and friendly. The food was great. We recommand it!!!
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26 déc. 2016
Cooking with new and old friends in a great environment was the perfect experience. We cooked an assortment of tapas and along with the flowing wine, enjoyed a fabulous feast. Thanks you for a great night - I look forward to my return next year.
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28 nov. 2016
The meal was excellent, but the company was even better. This event went above and beyond my expectations. Angeles was amazing and friendly and very knowledgeable - she gave great recommendations of other places to eat and explore. We had so much fun at the market and cooking our dinner and then sitting back to enjoy with people from all over the world - what an experience. Thanks for such a great memory
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28 nov. 2016
I would highly recommend taking the cooking class to learn traditional Catalan food and history.
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27 nov. 2016
Cooking with The Foodie Sisters was an incredible experience! The market tour was immersive and allowed participants to get in touch with the city and culture. The warmth, care, and extensive knowledge that Angels put into her menu and instruction was felt by the entire group. I think everyone came away from the evening having shared a night to remember! The class was an excellent addition to my trip and I plan on taking another cooking class if I return to Barcelona.
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18 nov. 2016
The experience was so wonderful. I can't recommend more. It is easy to find the location and the workshop is so spacious. Food is always the best way to know about the culture. Angel shows us around the market and we talked about Catlan culture during the dinner. That was the highlight of my trip.
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11 nov. 2016
Thumbs Up to the sisters for a job well done!!! A highlight of my barcelona trip
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18 oct. 2016
I had a perfect evening cooking with the foodie sisters and their other guests. The food was so fresh and tasty and the market tour was a lot of fun.
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30 sept. 2016
I have done many cooking workshops in the past but none as good as this one. Angels' joy, kindness and love for the food is the best asset of this experience. She makes you feel at home right away and once you start the workshop, magic flows and time passes without realizing it. My group and I had a great time and highly recommend it. The food was awesome! Because the best way to learn the culture of a country is through its cuisine and its people. And if this person is an angel like Angels, the better!
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12 sept. 2016
Event was really great! Very nice atmosphere and food, great location, easy to find, would recommend it.
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20 août 2016
Do not hesitate in doing this cooking experience, my partner and I had such a good time learning to cook Spanish cuisine. Is a fantastic start to our time in Barcelona. Angel's gave us an insider tour of the markets, and after cooking have us heaps of tips of things to see and do while in Barcelona. They are passionate and lovely, cannot recommend more!!
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15 juin 2016
Great time - Angeles and Carmen were fantastic hosts and cooking instructors. Really nice space - kitchen can accommodate more than 12, dining area the same. Learned a lot about both history of food and ingredients, can make both authentic Paella and tomato bread when done. Very nice location. Would be great event for a family. Great food and better company. Could charge twice as much - and have done so in other places
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15 juin 2016
Carmen and Angeles were very welcoming and got everyone involved in the food preparation and lesson, and shared lots of great information about the food and the culture. Everything was absolutely delicious, the conversation was great, and the people friendly. Would eat with them anytime!
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15 juin 2016
What a fun time! First our hosts welcomed us as if we had been friends for years. The location was easy to find and the kitchen was beautifully done with a mixture of old and new. The space was more than adequate with a large work table where all of us could work on preparing the food. But first, we had a trip to the Market, with some interesting explanations regarding the food - very helpful to those of us used to shopping in American grocery stores. Then back to the flat for the paella. Everyone worked on the dinner, and the results were delicious. Can't wait to make this dish at home. What a great way to spend an evening in Barcelona!
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15 juin 2016
HIGHLIGHT OF OUR TRIP What a wonderful experience in Barcelona. Angels and Carmen made us feel so welcome. We learnt so much about the Catalonian culture , were shown some amazing ingredients at the market and then had a lot of fun learning to make paella, tomato bread and sangria. What we hadn't expected was how many laughs we would share together. And we get to bring some new culinary skills back to home.
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15 juin 2016
This is how you experience Barcelona! Thank you Carmen and Angels for sharing your passion, I truly felt the love you have for food and sharing that with others. I emplore anyone who enjoys any combination of conversation, food, and cooking to make this as part of your visit in Barcelona. It was nothing short of spectacular. I want to work for Foodiexperience now!
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6 juin 2016
Amazing cooking class and a wonderful stroll through the Boquería Market! We had a really good time with everyone else. We bought the ingredients we were going to use during the workshop, we went back to Carmen's place, which was just a few minutes away from the market, and we started making magic with the ingredients! I would totally recommend this to anyone willing to have a 100% taste of Spain!
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6 juin 2016
I adored this cooking class!! we all got the chance to participate and we laughed a lot during the whole process. Everything was delicious, and I'm glad I had the chance to taste (and make) a homemade paella (not to mention the irresistible Catalan Cream we had at the end).
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