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Hello! We're excited to bring the passion of our blog into the real world and look forward to sharing this with you. We are Francesca and Ryan, both yoga teachers and health geeks, and we'd love to host you for an animal-free feast to give you vegans/vegetarians a new option and safe haven and you meat eaters an opportunity to find out how wonderful and varied food can be. We know how difficult it can be to find vegan food while travelling so we also hope to help conscious-eaters on their travels. We try to live in tune with nature by eating local seasonal food (although there'll still be a few exotic treats involved) to achieve our own health and the well being of the planet. This doesn't mean we compromise on taste! We are also passionate about spreading the message and are happy to explain during dinners where we source our ingredients, how we prepare them and discuss the wider issues.
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Vegan Dinner in Trastevere

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De 2 à 8
20:00 - 23:00
Végétarienne, Végétalien, Sans porc

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4 nov. 2017
Our dinner at Francesca's was perfect. The food was amazing, tasty, filling. Our hosts were very friendly, smiling all the time, relaxed. We had a great time with Francesca and her boyfriend!
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30 sept. 2017
Francesca and Ryan were wonderful hosts. The food was beautifully presented and extraordinary in taste. They are easy and funny conversationalists, making our visit more like hanging out with good friends.
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29 mai 2017
Francesca and Ryan were wonderful hosts. The meal was amazing and the setting was absolutely beautiful. Such a wonderful way to spend the evening in Rome. We highly recommend this vegan dinner to you while visiting Rome. I am not vegan, but my daughter is. We both loved the food! Francesca and Ryan are excellent chefs and experiment with new dishes all the time. Would definitely go back if we get to Rome again ????
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8 mai 2017
We loved dining with Francesca and Ryan and the rest of their guests. The food was the best meal we had in Rome, and we enjoyed the great company. I eould recommend this to any friend visiting Rome, and we would absolutely want to dine with them again the next time we are in the area!
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29 mars 2017
Wonderful night with Francesca and Ryan, friendly guys!! The food was tasting and interesting even for my two kids (2,5 years and 1 year old). We will go back!
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13 avr. 2016
Francesca's dinner gave me a lot of energy and good impressions. The house is beautiful and is located in a beautiful place of Rome: the exclusive area of Trastevere. They managed perfectly a big noisy group of us (we were 6 guests), and their fantastic veg sauces opened the dinner. Than many other veg delicattessen were really appreciated.
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11 avr. 2016
What a treat! Frncesca and Ryan were lovely hosts. Food was tastebuzzing (carefully planned and prepared, explained dilinently by our hosts before being *devoured*...ahem...savoured by us all. And company was excellent. I was lucky to attend the night with Ester from Vizeat team, who definetly picked an excellent night/dinner/couple of hosts! Bonus: may have found my new yoga teachers ^^ hugs to Neige the dog
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