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Good food is my passion, my reason of life. I'm an ex IT project manager and I put in my kitchen the same precision and attention I used with my previous job. But cooking let me also use my fantasy and creativity and also pairing my great food with good wines. Usually I cook Italian or traditional dishes but I'm open to new experiments. I like pasta and risotti, but also tasty and braised meats, fish and fancy desserts.
English, Italian

Cooking Class: Make Pasta Like An Italian

Cours de cuisine
English, Italian
De 2 à 8
17:00 - 21:00

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A wonderful evening! The pasta was delicious. Can’t wait to make our own! I would absolutely recommend this. Thank you Francesca
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Our evening with Francesca and another couple was great! Francesca was so kind, interesting, and very talented in the kitchen. She had all fresh ingredients and worked with us step-by-step to cook 3 different kinds of pasta and 3 different sauces. They all turned out to be delicious! Her wine pairing was also perfect! This was a great way to end our trip to Rome. Thanks, Francesca!
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Francesca served an amazing Roman meal and paired it with a delicious wine. I really enjoyed chatting with her about Italy and Canada. Definitely recommend!
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She is very welcoming. The meal was delicious. Learning was simple. And the meal was very hearty. PS: pour tous les français. La communication était très simple. Franscesca a un très bon anglais.
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Francesca's cooking class was one of the highlights of the trip! We made three different kinds of pasta with three different sauces. It was such an authentic experience! She was so friendly and welcoming, she made us feel at home. We have made pasta several times since being home for our family and friends and they all loved it!! I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone, it's a must do while in Rome!
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Francesca was a wonderful host. I personally love the food, especially the Trippa alla Romana. Francesca is also a sommelier, which is why she knows how to pair the wines with the food perfectly. Magic's Francesca is recommended for travellers wanting to experience authentic Roman food (an Italian friend ate with me and he acknowledged it). Thanks Francesca, see you next time.
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Our family of four had a great time with Francesca. Warm and welcoming in a lovely apartment. Francesca adjusted to all our requests for food, no problem. Cooking with Francesca made for a lovely evening.
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I went to Francesca's place and i had a great time! The food is really traditional and healthy! Francesca is a sommelier so usually she pair the wine to the food. The place is perfectly quiet and cozy, suitable for conversation and taste good food/wine. I'd like to be present again in a future lunch/dinner there! My vote is 10/10!! One of my favorite!
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I had a great time with Francesca and an english family. Thank you Francesca for your hospitality and your advices
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Rencontrez Magic Francesca's
English, Italian
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