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After a career as an IT specialist, I retired to fulfill my dream of being a farmer. Luckily my wife shares the same passion, and we now live happily in the countryside, though very close to the town. All good food lovers , and those looking for a unique experience are welcome to our farm at the archeological area “Castelli Romani”. We live in an ancient “casale”, surrounded by Frascati’s vineyards . We have 4.000 sqm vineyard, a 150 secular trees olive grove, a large orchard and vegetable garden; we raise laying hen, goose and rabbits. You will enjoy an aerial shot of Rome both by day and by night, and you can experience and participate to all agricultural events, wine preparation by the old methods, olive harvest and production of oil at the mill, etc. We often share meals with our friends and neighbors, we look forward to meeting you: life in the countryside has to be filled with genuine and sincere relationships! Our favorite topics: Culture, travels, art, history and whatever makes a dinner relaxing and friendly.
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Dinner In The Roman Countryside

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28 nov. 2017
I absolutely LOVED my time with Giannis and Maura! They were some of the most welcoming, loving people that I have ever met and I definitely did not feel like I was with strangers. Having dinner on their farm was such a rich experience and I will always remember it fondly. I definitely plan on joining them for another meal in the future!
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16 sept. 2017
We had a wonderful evening with Gianni and Maura. Even though we just met- it was like having dinner at an old friend's house. Their farm is beautiful and everything about the meal was homemade even the wine and limoncello! We highly recommend the experience- you will remember it forever.
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3 août 2017
The absolute highlight of our 3-week trip to Italy was the evening we spent at Gianna's farm! The food was delicious--much of it harvested that day and almost all of it from right there on the farm. The setting was incomparable, and the company was so welcoming! We feel like we have grandparents in Italy now! My first VizEat experience and now I am hooked.
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21 juil. 2017
We had such an amazing evening with Maura and Gianni, their adorable dogs on their spectacular farm. From the moment they picked us up from the short train ride from Termini to when we regretfully boarded to go home, the night was magic. We were treated to a hike around their organic olive grove and vineyard and saw beautiful sights of the Roman country side. Dinner was spectacular, with food specially prepared for us from their garden. 2 of us are pescatarian, and a vegetarian and they were delighted to make us a memorable meal of several courses. My favorite was the gazpacho that I am going to try and recreate this weekend. The wine was very good, we ate until we couldn't possibly eat anymore and then they brought dessert! I can not recommend this place enough, we will be back next time we are in Rome!
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13 juil. 2017
Our meal with Gianni and his wife was an amazing experience that we really enjoyed!! They were so hospitable and kind and went out of their way to make us feel at home. We had a wonderful meal where we came out stuffed! Conversations were great! I would definitely recommend Gianni as a dinner that you will really worthwhile!!
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5 juil. 2017
We had a delightful evening with Gianni, Maura and their other guests. It wasn't just the food (which was plentiful and amazing), but the warmth and generosity of these lovely people. The night went so quickly, but we hope to return and continue where we left off. A really great experience and one we do not hesitate to recommend.
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4 juil. 2017
Gianni and Maura were AMAZING! We enjoyed delucious food in great company. Would recommend a thousand times again!!!!
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3 juil. 2017
Absolutely amazing evening! We had a very delicious meal and interesting discussion
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1 juil. 2017
Wonderful from start to finish! Gianni and Maura were so nice to pick us up from the train station platform. We immediately felt like family! Upon arriving to their wonderful restored country villa, we were given a tour of their beautiful grounds, accompanied by their two dogs Bobo and Birba. We walked through the olive groves and grape vines, overlooking the stunning views of Rome. Maura showed us all of their fragrant herbs and vegetables. The food was outstanding, everything that they served was fresh and picked from their trees. Each dish had a story. I especially loved Mauras chick pea appetiser and the berries in prosecco. I wrote down the recipe for the berries and will make again to remember our dinner in the roman countryside. Thank you again for inviting us into your lovely home- We cannot wait to return! Rosanna and John
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29 mai 2017
Unbelievable views, food and people! Never have we felt so welcomed and full after a meal in our entire lives. Both Gianni and Maura were wonderful hosts who not only gave us piles of delicious, home grown food, but also showed us their farm and told us about their way of life. After being picked up from the station, we were shown the farm and were lucky enough to try a variety of different local fruits and vegetables. All of this even before we had sat down to eat! When we sat down for the meal, we felt welcomed and accommodated and talked about everything from language to our experiences to the mafia! The food itself was so of the best home cooking we have ever eaten, as everything was fresh and delicious. The fact that even today we are still full shows how delicious the food was... We ended the evening with a magnificent view of Rome and a feeling of happiness. Thank you so much Gianni, Maura for the unmissable experience and Baba for eating all the food I dropped on the floor. We hope to come back next year and help you with the wine harvest! Thanks again for everything - Jock and Sophie
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23 mai 2017
We enjoyed very much from the hospitality of Gianny and his lovly wife Maura. The food, the atmosphere and eveything was wonderful and excellent. Gianno and Maura are very warm couple and they hosted us very generosirty. There is no doubt that when we will come again to Rome, we will ask them to host us again.
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14 mai 2017
It was delicious! Gianni & Maura were the perfect host. Had a great tour of their farm & had a beautiful view of Roma! The lasagna was out of this world! I wish I could have brought some wine home with me!
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1 mai 2017
We had a wonderful evening with the friendly hospitality of Gianni and Maura and their very nice dogs. The location is amazing on a hill just outside of Rome both by day and night. The food was plentiful and good from their own little charming farm. We would love to come back one day. Thanks for a great experience!
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Sam and James
30 avr. 2017
INCREDIBLE! A foodies delight and wonderful hosts!
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8 avr. 2017
This half of the day with Gianni and Maura became a cherry on the pie of our Roman holidays and without a doubt the most emotionally charged experience. Sun, nature, volcanic lavish land, dogs in a big pile (we still consider the names of Birba and Bobo one of the most beautiful nominal couples), amazing real food, amazing hospitality and air that you can not believe in the termini station just 30 minutes behind. To say that we are delighted - do not exaggerate. And yes, now I will have to learn how to cook the same bonisimo lasagna, although the Maura is right - you first have to start a garden to feel the remarkable taste of real vegetables.
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27 déc. 2016
The place is marvelous with breathtaking views of Rome from a hilly suburban farm. It was an amazing experience for our entire family with kids and grandparents. We enjoyed getting to know Gianni and Maura and explorojg their farm - some of the trees are over 400 years old and the cellar dates back to 100 AD. The food was local from the farm, trully delicious. Highly recommend!
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2 oct. 2016
We spent a magical evening with Gianni and Maura at their gorgeous property outside of Rome, picking grapes off the vine, walking through their olive groves and vineyard, discovering Roman artifacts and grottos, and reveling in a spectacular view of Rome at our feet, twinkling in the night. They treated us like cherished family, preparing and serving delicious course after course, catered to our intolerances and preferences and beautifully presented.
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26 août 2016
It was a wonderful evening. Maura and Gianni makes you feel like at home. Walk around the farm and see the sunset from their field is magic. The food and talk was delicious and fun. My wife and I will remember this diner for ever as one of the better moments of our trip to Europe.
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16 juil. 2016
What a delight it was to meet Gianni and Maura and spend the evening with them. The food was suburb and the company even better! We talked, we laughed, we shared a beautiful meal together with our new friends. I have already told all my FaceBook Friends about the wonderful experience we had with VizEat. This special evening will be the highlight of our trip to Rome.
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16 juil. 2016
Our dinner with Gianni and his lovely wife Maura was the highlight of our trip to Italy, our kids agree. The food was amazing!! It was so worth the train ride into the country. My daughter was inspired to make fresh pasta at home, she still has some practicing to do! Thanks again we loved every minute!!
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24 mai 2016
Je ne peux faire autrement que de recommander fortement cette escapade en campagne romaine chez Maura et Gianni, deux passionnés extrêmement sympathiques très soucieux de l'environnement. Des plats savoureux typiquement romains cuisinés avec les produits du potager et de la région, le vin issu de leur vignoble et un accueil irréprochable en ont fait une expérience inoubliable. Nous nous sommes rendus en voiture sans aucun problème puisque Gianni nous attendaient à la sortie de l'autoroute afin de nous guider vers la maison qui offre une vue spectaculaire sur la ville de Rome et la campagne. Merci à Maura et Gianni
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29 mars 2016
I had, hands down, the greatest day with Gianni and his wonderful wife Maura. I feel so blessed to have spent Easter with them. Their farm / vineyard is truly incredible - the value for this experience so so so far exceeded what it costs. I will never forget the day I spent with them, learning about how they make home made wine and olive oil (which we had with dinner!) and all of the various vegetables and fruits that they grow on their beautiful property. This couple is a blessing - people like them give me hope for humanity ! Essentially, Gianni an Maura are angels - if you want an experience you'll never forget, I highly recommend them !!!!! Grazie mille Gianni e Maura - baci - e a la prossima !
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11 nov. 2015
We spent a lovely evening with Maura and Gianni in their beautiful farm . We were a group of 6 from France. Maura who was in Roma the same day, picked us up at the Termini train station and we commute together to Colle Mattia. When we got there, Gianni picked us up in his car and drove us to the farm. It was in the evening so we didn't have the chance to see much of the neighbourhood but still we could enjoy the breathtaking sight over Roma at night. Laura and Gianni showed us around their farm : the olive trees, the vineyard, the aromatic herbs, their goose and duck flock ... After all that, we were ready to have dinner and we enjoyed the starter so much (bruscetta, cold cuts plates, lasagna ...) that some of us could just tucked in no more and skipped the roasted pork with cream. Sorry for that Maura & Gianni. However, the fig from the garden and the sweet stewed apricot dessert have been honored though. Overall, we were very satisfied with that first experience of sharing a meal with a local host and we were glad we met such a nice people as Maura & Gianni. An example of their kindness and hospitality was when we told them that we didn't buy the return train tickets because we thought we could buy them on the spot, they managed to move heaven and earth to get us some from their neighbours. We were then able to get back home without taking the risk of getting fined on the train. Thanks a million for that Maura & Gianni :-) We will warmly recommend you to our friends who visit Roma in the future. All the best. Victor
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23 oct. 2015
PERFECT! That's the word to describe my time with Gianni and Maura. It was a wonderful escape from the routine city life into an idyllic, rustic and beautiful place with a fantastic view of Rome...which is literally at your feet!! The dinner was delicious : I was lucky and could see what real super-extra-virgin olive oil looks and tastes like! I was also shown and explained the main parts of olive oil and wine production process and should say it tastes much more amazing when you do know how it was done ! The ambience was warm and very cozy, I felt really like I was at home : sincere relationships, absorbing stories ... It was also an interesting cultural exchange experience and a great opportunity to discover some italian traditions. I couldn't express how happy I am to know that such relationships, such genuine people still exist! THANK YOU so much, Gianni and Maura!
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