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We are two sisters who work and live in Rome: we decided to become VizEat hosts to share our home, our food preferences and our travel experiences with people from all over the world. Benny is an architect, Bula is a Graphic Design student, but our passion for cooking made us create our blog. Our home is set in front of "Parco degli acquedotti" (a beautiful park where you can visit the ancient Roman aqueducts) with an amazing view of the Castels of Rome: it is the perfect placeto taste a typical Italian menu.
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Midnight For Food Lovers In Rome

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De 2 à 6
20:30 - 22:30

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21 nov. 2017
My friends and I were traveling around Europe and this has to be the best part of our trip! Incredible food and an overall great time as we made new Roman friends! Grazie!
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7 nov. 2017
Merci beaucoup à Ámbar, Tea et Valerio. Nous avons passé un agréable moment, pour nous c’était une première. L’assaisonnement de chaque plat était parfait.
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27 oct. 2017
Admittedly I was a little hesitant when I first learned of this site, but I'm now very thankful that I came across it because the experience of meeting locals and eating local food, while having a good time is more than worth the price. My friend and I had a wonderful time meeting Ambra, Tea, and Valerio- they were very welcoming and made the dinner very intertaining and enjoyable. The food itself was amazing and the amount they served was more than enough. Overall, if my friend or I are ever in Rome again, we know where to come to for some good Italian food and a good time. Thanks for having us!
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22 oct. 2017
I travel a lot and while it is exciting to eat out at restaurants, it's not the same as a home cooked meal. Benny and Bula's food was amazing, well prepared and authentic. Everyone was also so warm and welcoming. Thank you Ambra, Téa and Valerio for a great night in while I was in Rome.
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19 oct. 2017
Un super moment avec Valerio, Téa et Ambra. Nous avons très bien mangé (les filles ont vraiment du talent !!) et passé une superbe soirée ensemble! Un grand merci !!
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8 oct. 2017
Una serata davvero perfetta quella trascorsa ieri da Benny&Bula! Ottima cucina e splendida compagnia... Cosa si può desiderare di più? I piatti, gustosi e raffinati, sono presentati in modo assolutamente originale. Alla grande attenzione per la qualità degli ingredienti si accompagna un'incredibile capacità delle cuoche nell'amalgamarli, realizzando delle vere opere d'arte. Ma del fatto che le due ragazze siano delle autentiche artiste ci si accorge ancor prima di degustare i loro piatti. Impossibile non rimanere affascinati dalle tante creazioni che arricchiscono la casa conferendole un fascino e un calore davvero unici. Ma non voglio dirvi di più per non togliervi la sorpresa e lasciarvi il piacere della meraviglia quando, spero per voi, sarete loro ospiti a Roma. Grazie Benny&Bula!
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Philippe & Dzianis
18 sept. 2017
Che placere avervi in casa !!!! It was wonderful to spent this evening with both of you and we hope to see you again ! grazie mille per la pianta ! plein de belles choses pour vous et bonjour à Valerio ! THANKS AGAIN GRAZIE MERCI BEAUCOUP ! bisous
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20 août 2017
The hot Roman night turned into una notte particolare, an unforgettable experience. We enjoyed the delicious food, from the focacciosità, passing by risotto with proscuitto and peas sauce to heavenly brioche with a creamous coffee. All this good things where accompanied by interesting conversations. Thanks so much! Grazie mille.
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15 août 2017
Ambra, Tea and Valerio are amazing hosts! My friends loved everything about the dinner! Thank you for the best introduction to Roman life :) Highly highly recommended!
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17 mai 2017
The dinner was amazing, we had a lot of fun with them. We have been suprised by their warm welcome. We hope to see them again, and why not at home, in Paris !!
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15 mai 2017
Hi Benny & Bulla, I'm very sorry that we didn't stay for lunch, but it was not like we expected to be. Best regards, Griet
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7 mai 2017
We had a lovely night with Ambra, Tea, and Valerio. The meal they cooked for us was delicious, especially the risotto. They were great company, intelligent and funny. They made us feel very welcome in their cute apartment. This was our first Vizeat experience and we can't recommend it highly enough. Thanks for our best night in Rome.
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27 févr. 2017
Quatuor d'une grande gentillesse et d'une sympathie extra ! Nous avons bien ri mais aussi très bien mangé. Je n'ai jamais mangé une aussi bonne brioche que celle faite par ces deux parfaites cuisinières italiennes ! Nous avons terminé notre séjour en beauté. Lotoflove
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Philippe & Dzianis
24 févr. 2017
Nous imaginions que cette soirée aller être sympa mais sûrement pas à ce point. Que dire ? c'était juste fantastique (et nous savons de quoi nous parlons car nous sommes également hôtes). Des personnes d'une immense générosité, un dîner succulent et riche en saveurs, une atmosphère comme quand nous allons chez des amis ! Enfin bref juste géniale cette soirée.alors les filles et el ragazzo nous vous attendons avec impatience à PARIS et croyez moi vous aurez le droit à une attention particulière et champagne. GAZIE MILLE, we hope to see you in PARIS to give you back all you gave us !!!! BIG KISS from PARIS PS : les amoureux de VIZEAT allez vite à cette adresse et vous comprendrez !
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21 févr. 2017
We had a good dinner and conversation with their friend Valerio. Benny and Bula are very good people(and pseudo!).
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22 janv. 2017
Excellent evening spent with a cheerful luron always in a good mood and two extremely sensitive sisters and artists in the soul ! We left feeling a sense of belonging to the same family and difficult to say goodbye! Our goal was achieved: Have a nice evening with local people! To the pleasure of seeing again on Paris :))))
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20 nov. 2016
I am so glad that I have found Ambra and Tea on VizEat. Big thanks to them, we had a very special celebration for my hubby's birthday and our 10th anniversary. We learned to bake nachos and make homemade Mediterranean fish wrap, following by an enjoyable dinner filled with fun and laughters! Thank you once again, Ambra & Tea! We will definitely visit you again when we come to Rome next.
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4 oct. 2016
The food was perfect and we really had good time with them :) and i would like to revisit them again when i come to rome again :)
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22 sept. 2016
When you are met at the door with the whole family, you know it is going to be a good night! We had so much fun at our dinner with Ambra, Tea, their mother Anna, brother Leo, and Ambra's boyfriend Valerio. The food was delicious -- probably the best baked breads I've ever tasted -- and the conversation interesting and often hilarious. I'm glad to have learned the meaning of all the Italian hand gestures -- it was helpful on the rest of the trip! Ambra and Tea gave us the leftover brioche and we enjoyed it the rest of the week. We had a wonderful time and it was an awesome experience. I recommend these two beautiful sisters and wish the two of them, and the whole family, the best in all their endeavors.
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6 juin 2016
It was our first experience with Vizeat and we really loved it! The girls have a great way of showing their hospitality. The italian food was delicious! Their cozy appartment was inviting and easy to find. They gave us good informations to get there and everything was simple. In short, food was great and the hosts even greater! We had a really good time with them!!!
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19 févr. 2016
Benny & Bula were wonderful hosts and so accommodating. They were helpful in our visit and travel arrangements to their neighbourhood which was fairly simple to get to from central Rome by metro. The apartment that they host in is very sweet and the table was presented very well. The time for dining in Italy is later on which meant my hunger had somewhat passed. The portion sizes were adequate to accommodate that. Benny & Bula and their friends had some really interesting stories and interest to share which was exciting. They also recommended some good places to go in Rome. The only downside of the dinner was that one of the fellow Vizeat guests couldn't speak English - I'd love to speak Italian but I don't unfortunately. This language barrier led much of the conversation to be in Italian. Benny and Bula were helpful in translating afterwards however there were awkward points where I wouldn't know how to interact with everyone because I didn't understand what was going on. Thank you for hosting us, it was lovely to meet some locals.
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14 févr. 2016
Serata piacevolissima, ottima compagnia, accoglienza di una gentilezza unica, la casa ha degli oggetti con uno stile nostalgico e romantico. Ottima cucina e che altro dire, semplicemente a presto.
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7 janv. 2016
We had a wonderful time at Benny & Bula's appartement. Food was delicious and we spend a wonderful night : laughs, songs & food, why should we ask for more ? Would be pleased to have them in Paris soon :)
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4 août 2015
What an amazing italian dinner made by these 2 beautiful and sweet sisters. I had a wonderful time with them and the other participants. Definitely one of my best moments in Rome and the food was absolutely delicious. Grazie mille ragazze!!!!
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12 juil. 2015
Friendly atmosphere, delicious food!
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16 févr. 2015
Veramente una bella serata. Tutti socievoli, piacevole atmosfera. Benny e Bula ottime padrone di casa.
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9 févr. 2015
The place of the girls is a little bit far from the centre but easy reachable by Metro A + 10 mn of walk. We have a drink during the time to know each other : we laught a lot, talk about difference between our two countries, the specifies about italians, what to know about romans, etc. After that, we were almost perfect romans : can crossed a street without fear and perfect knowledge about italian's gesture ! The first course is composed of 2 kinds of focaccia : delicious and perfumed Italian's bread + some grilled vegetables (my prefer). After that, I should say that I have no place anymore for the pasta cooked with some smoked salmon and tomato sauce. We were in the kitchen to watch how to cook. It was very friendly moment because we can ask all the things about the receipt and more. The dessert, fortunately was simple : just a coffee and some cimbelline : cookies home made by the girls following their grandma receipt. I can assure you, that after crossed over Roma, we haven't found any cimbelline as lovely, as appetizing, as delicious. really ! It was certainly, the most expensive meal of our stay but definitely, the most happy and friendly. Just feel free to spend a super good time withe Benny (Kenny ? ^^) and Bula. -- L'appartement des filles est un peu éloigné du centre mais facilement accessible via le Tram et 10 mn de marche active. Nous avons bu un verre en faisant connaissance en riant bcp, parlant des différence entre nos deux pays, les spécificités des italiens, ce qu'il faut savoir des romains, etc. Après cela, nous sommes devenus presque deux parfaites romaines capables de traverser les routes sans peur ni appréhension et une parfaites connaissances du parlé-par-geste italiens. L'entré était composé de deux sortes de focaccia : pains délicieux et parfumés + des légumes grillés (ce que j'ai préféré). Je dois avouer que je n'avais déjà plus de place pour les pâtes au saumon fumé à la sauce tomate. Nous étions dans la cuisine pour suivre cette étape de la recette : c'était sympathique car nous pouvions poser plein de questions sur la recette et bien plus encore car les filles sont des passionnées. Heureusement, le dessert était très simple : un café accompagné de cimbelline : des petits gâteaux faits maison selon la recette de leur grand-mère. Après avoir parcouru Rome, nous n'avons pas trouvé de cimbelline plus beau, plus appétissant et meilleurs. Vraiment ! C'était notre repas le plus cher de notre séjour mais aussi, le plus sympa amical. Soyez rassuré et allez passer un bon moment en compagnie de Benny (Kenny ahahaha) et Bula, je vous le conseil :-)
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22 déc. 2014
I had a great time dining chez Benny and Bula! They made me feel right at home, and we had a lovely time conversing and getting to know each other over the delicious dinner they prepared. After the appetizer, which was a kind of stuffed pizza dough (the zucchini one was my favourite), we had a hearty and satisfying Amatriciana pasta. This was followed by a dessert of Scrucetti, an addictive italian cookie made with wine, and a caffé. The ambience was always warm and cozy, and they have a very beautiful apartment as well. Overall, it was a wonderful moment early on in my stay in Rome, and certainly a nice change from the more touristy activities. If you want to have an insight into Roman life, as well as an excellent three course dinner, then I recommend you contact Benny and Bula.
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