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At 'The Kitchen' we believe in quality, tradition and modernity. We love our traditional heritage but combine it with a modern and 'lighter' twist, so that our guests can taste true Portuguese flavours in a contemporary way. Portugal is a small country with different regions all also featuring quite different profile flavours and cooking styles. Some dinners will be a road trip, a local adventure through specific products, recipes and wines. Eating at 'The Kitchen' will always be a mix of good food, true to its authentic roots, and the friendly atmosphere that still surrounds a Mediterranean table spread with family and friends. The ingredients will be fresh and natural, and table mates are treated like good friends. We are two friends living in central Lisbon and we love to share our house, table, and our passions: food and photography. Having friends over is a habit for more years than we want to count... Since we are in our early 50's now. Join us for a lovely meal and a great talk. We can also cook for private tables making your night special for some event planning.
English, French, Spanish

Kitchen Eats - true Portuguese flavours

English, French, Spanish
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19:30 - 22:00

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Rencontrez Elsa&Vanda
English, French, Spanish
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