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We are Guido and Federico, two friends with a boundless passion for cooking. Guido has had experience in the field of tourism and within multinational companies and has a keen sense of organization. Federico is a professional chef and has been an actor for over fifteen years; during the years of acting he traveled throughout Italy and in several foreign countries, experiencing and tasting recipes always different and new ingredients. His most fun is watching the preparation of traditional recipes and learn the secrets of the dishes, the use of special ingredients, spices and cooking methods. We have visited together several countries, always attracted by the search for new flavors and taste experiences. We like receiving a few guests at home, preparing traditional-Italian or ethnic recipes and managing cooking classes. We have hosted over 120 social eating events and cooking classes for Italian people and now we want to propose our cuisine to foreign people visiting Milan Guido is affected by celiac disease, therefore they are informed about gluten-free cousine.
English, Italian, Spanish

Learn The Secrets of the Best Pizzas and Foccacias

Cours de cuisine
English, Italian, Spanish
De 2 à 6
11:00 - 14:00
Allergie au gluten

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6 janv. 2018
Federico Is really nice and explains everything to you from the beginning. His ideas for toppings and fillings are delicious. We had a lot of fun cooking and eating and we still could take some of the food home!! Very recommended
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Rencontrez Federico
English, Italian, Spanish
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