Traditional Hungarian Cuisine with a great view of Budapest

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6 oct. 2017
Lovely! Regina was very welcoming and warm. We shared great wine amazing hugarian food and good stories. What a specail evening- Thank you Regina.
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6 oct. 2017
Thank you for such a lovely and cultural experience! not only is you cooking delicious but you company is warm I am lucky to have this exprience! Come visit my in NYC anytime you like.
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6 oct. 2017
Regina and James gave me such a welcoming feeling I felt like i had a night at old friends home. The food of regina was delicous all reminded me of my late grandma's cooking we talked politics history art and travel and shared good wine and laughs Thanks for a great dinner.
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12 mai 2017
You have probably dreamt about this kind of experience...arriving in Budapest, making your way up to a top-floor apartment with sunset views over all of Budapest, and then being treated to truly authentic Hungarian food by Regina who is as warm and welcoming as she is interesting and opinionated. The food was really spectacularly simple and good - just what you expect to find on VizEat. I'll be back for the Goulash :-) Köszönöm!
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