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My name is Yves Nicolier and I started offering social cooking experiences in 2010. I am a social cook, focused on cooking experiences. I used to do online marketing consultancy and after 10 years and the birth of my first son, I decided to focus on my passion in life: cooking with people. I am offering different cooking experiences in Barcelona: hands on cooking classes, market tours, cuisine team building workshops and cooking with Grandma´s. After 6 years offering cooking experiences in Barcelona, I realized that tradition in cooking really matters. People want to know where things are coming from. By having a hands-on cooking class with Grandma´s people can truly experience the traditional way of cooking delicious meals. Grandma’s ´Cooking Barcelona wants to help sharing tradition in cooking and allow the Grandmas to have a great time and generate some nice extra incomes. We offer hands- on cooking classes with real Grandmas willing to share their culinary secrets of the Spanish and Catalan traditional cuisine. Meet you in the kitchen!
Catalan, English, French, German, Spanish

Learn The Secrets Of Spanish Cuisine With Local Grandmother (the best cooks)

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Catalan, English, French, German, Spanish
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5 mai 2017
Yves' knowledge and passion for excellent food easily communicates into a delicious meal. Not only does he know the intricacies of flavor and cooking but he is wonderfully charming and fun to spend time with. Immediately I felt at home and any awkwardness of being in a room of strangers turned immediately into the joy of being in a room of new friends because of his warmth.
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Rencontrez Yves
Catalan, English, French, German, Spanish
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