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Traditional Wild boar Stew

2 à 6
20:00 - 23:30
Vin rouge, Vin blanc, Bière, Digestif

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Je parle English, French, Portuguese

Myself and Ana are a young couple living in Lisbon, Ana is from the North of Portugal, I've always lived in Lisbon and love every bit of it! Love to tell stories and learn about new cultures.

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Traditional Wild boar Stew

MENU • Starter Portuguese sausages • Main course Wildboar stew with potatoes • Dessert A surprising dessert • Drinks: You will enjoy red wine, white wine and beer. It is very accessible via public transport. ***** My father-in-law is a hunter in the North of Portugal. Wildboars live free and on the land, and catching one is a tricky business, requiring a special permit, valid for only 4 nights during full moon. The hunt is made with patience, waiting for hours in the cold night, to catch the right boar. Join me and Ana for a traditional portuguese wildboar stew - each one is different, and we can tell you the adventure behind the special meal you are enjoying. Slow cooked, with my mother's special seasoning and - of course - with great wine to pair it from the Douro region, and lots of stories to be told at the table about Lisbon and Portugal.

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