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After many years working in the fashion industry, Anna in 1989 decided to pursue her life-long passion: cuisine. With her son Simone, in a small street at the heart of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area of Paris, she opened her restaurant Casa Bini. It is love at first-sight for Casa Bini customers, who savour the authenticity of the ingredients and the simplicity of Tuscan cuisine. It is when Simone takes the reigns of the restaurant that Anna decides to promote the knowledge of her favourite regions and her culinary skills in Italy. In collaboration with Gilles and Catherine de Chabaneix she writes “Tuscany, The Art of Travelling to Seasonal Rhythms” and “Campania, The Art of Travelling to Seasonal Rhythms”. Both books include an itinerary for each month and recipes from chefs she met during her travels. Today Anna is a silver-haired star, a mother of the family who still loves the colours of life, the smiles of those who sit at her table, the fruits of the sun and the genuineness of Tuscan food. Anna with her son Lorenzo the heir of the cooking school,has designed these cooking-courses to transmit her love, passion and continual discovery of traditional Italian cooking. She does this not only through her recipes, but through her gestures and eyes that sparkle magically.
English, French, Italian

COOKING CLASS: A Cooking Day with an Italian Nonna

Cours de cuisine
English, French, Italian
De 4 à 12
09:30 - 15:00

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7 nov. 2017
A delicious, thrilling and memorable experience that added so much love to our Italy trip.
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6 nov. 2017
My dinner at Anna's is one of the most memorable moments of my trip to Italy. I had dinner with her and Lorenzo and 5 friends that they invited. Food was amazing and the whole evening was so much fun. They really made me feel part of the family and treated me so well. I would recommend this experience to anyone and will obviously go back to see Anna if I go back to Firenze. With all my love!
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24 oct. 2017
We had dinner last night at Anna's house (actually her cooking school) and we had a lovely time. She wasn't there as she was at their family home out of town but her son and daughter in law were there. Lorenzo is a chef as well and teaches at the cooking school and it sounds as if Alexa helps run the school. The food was fabulous and we really enjoyed the conversation and getting to know them both. It was a highlight of our trip so far.
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29 août 2017
I had a lovely evening and delicious dinner with Anna her son Lorenzo and some other friends. Luckily one was American living in Florence 30 years so she helped translate! Anna is the Nona everyone would dream of having. She is warm, funny, energetic, kind and gracious. I am so honoured to have met her and to experience her cooking. I would love to take a cooking class from her. She showed me adorable photos of Asian kids in her cooking class yesterday. She is great with all ages. Thanks again for allowing me this experience. It will go down in my memory books forever.
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16 déc. 2016
Anna is an amazing chef and personality! We had a wonderful time and learned so much about pasta and sauces. We truly felt like we were a member of the family in her home. Thank you Anna! Stuart and I will cherish this special day forever!
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16 déc. 2016
Florence sans Anna, il manquerait la moitié de son charme et de son goût.
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16 déc. 2016
Such a woman! We had a lovely time with Anna and it is now our best travel memory in Florence. Don't miss it!
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22 nov. 2016
This was a high point of our stay I think everyone will fall for the love of cooking that Anna has, we did .My daughter and I had a great day with Anna and Celine, the day started with a coffee and cake then to the market after Anna drove back with the produce while we walked the short route though the Historic centre with Celine. We were very impressed with the smart school kitchen and started to learn the right way to make pasta. I think I am a good cook and was very impressed with the skill and speed of Anna and her tips for cooking. After being told my daughters pasta dough was better than mine I really welcomed the Prosecco and anti pasta before we ate our 2 pasta dishes with wine Anna then produced a pork dish and spinach and pine nuts then a semi freddo.then biscuits and cofffe .. We loved our lesson and recommend it as a great to do in Florence.
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Rencontrez Anna
English, French, Italian
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